Terms & Conditions of  "Homeoweb internet group"

1. The internet group "Homeoweb" is set up in order to enhance interaction among
    various Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) practitioners all over the world.
2. Any qualified CAM practitioner can join the group for free.
3. This group is set up for pure academic and research purpose.
4. Financial transactions of any kind is not allowed among the group.
5. Any member can read/post message, add/download files, set up polls
    and add their profile to the group according to these terms and conditions,  
6. Obscene language/content and/or pornography in any way is not allowed among the group
7. Owner of the group reserves the capacity to reject any/all members, posts, files
    without assigning any reasons what so ever
8. General rules and guidelines of internet groups are strictly observed here.
9. The owner or moderator(s) of the group is not responsible for any
    consequences arising out of actions otherwise as mentioned above.

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