TCAM (Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Examination- Ministry of Health (MOH) UAE (click here for DAH)
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FLASH...!!!   MOH has announced the next exam date- see below for details. Note that DHA is planning to introduce separate examination for TCAM, so there may be changes in the exam pattern in future. We will publish more details as soon as those are available...  

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Qualifying the MOH examination for traditional, complementary and alternative medical (TCAM) practitioners is a must in order to practice in UAE. Note that medical practice in any form is not allowed in UAE without clearing a licensing exam. TCAM is an extensive examination where the ability of practitioner as a physician is tested in all levels.

The examination is generally conducted four-five times a year at Dubai or Sharjah in UAE. You can choose your preferred date of examination at the time of registration for the examination.  

We provide extensive guidelines and expert coaching to any TCAM practitioner who wish to sit for the examination.

Our guidelines include the following
1. The general format of the examination.
2. Essentials of application.
3. Extensive coaching for the examination- written and interview.

The next TCAM Examination* will be in July 11th 2016. The one after that will be in September 2016. Venue is in Sharjah, UAE. Registration and payment should be online, examination is in the conventional (semi-online) format. Also note that presently due to some technical problems in the MOH portal candidates cannot choose their exam dates online, instead you can ask for an exam date by e-mail or telephone.

The registration for exam at MOH can be done online at (new users sign up by clicking 'Create New Account' link). Note that after online registration, personal verification has to be made by Data Flow, an agency entrusted by MOH for this purpose (pay the amount for this only after intimation from MOH). Note that online registration is mandatory for all applicants before personal registration (verification of documents) at MOH office.

Note that registration for coaching for the examinations till September 2016 is already closed. You can now join the coaching for remaining examinations for the year 2016, the sooner you join the course it’s the better, because we will close accepting candidates for coaching for the November 2016 exam by April 15th 2016. Please do not make any payment for coaching until you are sure about your qualification and experience to sit for TCAM.

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- Note that this coaching is only an offer from Homeoweb and is not mandatory for appearing for UAE Medical licensing examinations.
* The date and venue of exam can be changed as per MOH discretion. As of now MOH allots the exam date to individual candidates after successful completion of registration. So kindly correlate the same with MOH before you plan a visit to UAE for the examination purpose.

Also please note that telephone/personal consultation is strictly reserved for our paying patrons only

Please read the full details about TCAM and the employment opportunities given in our other pages (see quick links above) before you send any mails.